7 ways we’re getting ready for Brexit

The UK will leave the European Union by 31st October. From his first day as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been getting us ready to leave the EU.

New Police Locator

We’re recruiting 20,000 new police officers, starting right now.

Want to see more police in your area?

Then let Boris know.

Click on the following link and enter your postcode:

Boris Johnson is the new leader of the Conservative Party


@BorisJohnson is the new leader of the Conservative Party. We will get Brexit done by 31st October. This will mean we can give our schools, hospitals and police the attention they deserve.#BackBoris by joining us today!

Our plan to get the country back on the road to a brighter future

Only the Conservatives can get the best deal for Britain that keeps our economy strong, moves the country beyond Brexit, brings the change that people voted for in the Referendum, and gets our country back on the path to a brighter future.