Thanking volunteers

This week, Exeter Conservatives are paying tribute to the work of countless volunteers not just in the constituency but all over the country.

We would like to say "thank you" to those who selflessly give up their time for the good of their communities. While this pandemic continues to bring heart-breaking news every day, it has also brought to the fore acts compassion and selflessness across every part of our nation - highlighting the very best of humanity.

There are many, many organisations and individuals across Exeter who work tireless in volunteering roles, all year round. Many have stepped up even further in recent times.  A few we would like to highlight;

  • Volunteer members of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance. Recently celebrating their 5th anniversary online during lockdown, they've been shining a light on dementia in the city for half a decade. For those living with dementia, their families and carers, alliance organisers and members provide invaluable support. Check out some of their work here, and consider sharing it with a friend to increase awareness of dementia.

  • The fantastic work of 'Lockdown Exeter'. We're all doing our bit by staying home to stay safe, but this has naturally resulted in a significant drop in custom for local business. Volunteers at Lockdown Exeter have created a website and social media pages designed to stimulate the local economy by promoting independent businesses offering delivery or collection. They have garnered over 2,500 followers online, and through spreading the news of local commerce, have contributed significantly to Exeter's economic recovery. Thank you!
  • Since shutting their doors in mid-March, theatre companies have had virtually no income at all. The business of theatres is built on box-office revenue with no other means of earning money. Members of registered charity Exeter Drama Company give their time to put on amateur productions at minimum cost, making theatre accessible to all.  As it that isn’t enough, at the beginning of the pandemic they rapidly went online, providing the innovative Lockdown Radio.  Actors recorded their scripts at home and these were edited into audio plays and monologues, to the delight of their fan base and the general public.  These were provided free of charge via their website The group were thankful though for unexpected donations which are very welcome and should hopefully enable them to continue entertaining us in the future.

Thank you to the millions of volunteers across the UK who make a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer here are some useful links.