News from Pennsylvania


Residents living in the Wykes Road area of Pennsylvania Ward have contacted their Ward Councillor, Peter Holland, frustrated by the length of time the Gas Board have been taking to complete work on their road.   Peter said: ''Many ward residents have contacted me to express their concern at the length of time that the works are taking.  Equally, residents are livid that the grass verge has been completely trashed by contractors and their vehicles undertaking the work.  I have followed this up with Devon County Council and am informed that 'the notice'  for the work with DCC, is from the 28 July to 24 Oct and if the contractor overruns penalties are enforced for overruns unless there is proof there were construction issues beyond their control.  Any damage to the verge will need to be repaired to a satisfactory standard''.



Residents living in Pamela Road have contacted their Ward Councillor Peter Holland to report a serious danger at the junction of Pamela Road and Pinhoe Road.   Peter said;

''The double yellow lines at the junction of Pamela Road have crumbled and faded with multiple cars now parking outside the Convenience Store.  Visibility at this junction is hugely reduced making it nigh on impossible to see down Pinhoe Road before exiting onto the main road.  I immediately contacted Devon County Council to report the problem and have been informed that the re-painting of the double yellow lines was ordered in April but due to issues with changing contractors, it was not realised that this work has yet to be done.  The officer responsible for the painting has spoken to the agent.  It is anticipated that I hope that this matter will be resolved very soon''.