John Harvey

Exeter City Councillor Candidate for 2021 Elections

John Harvey is the Pinhoe Candidate for the 2021 elections.    

As City Centre Manager for 18 years, John has been at the heart of the city's development into one of the hubs of the Southwest. After two decades working at the heart of city centre development, John was previously a City Councillor for Alphington.   

During his time in office, he was a massive force for change in Alphington.  John is an Executive Representative for the Westexe Branch.


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Anne Jobson

Anne has lived in Exeter for almost 20 years and is a barrister specialising in family and childcare law. Anne sees many of the challenges that confront families. Housing is high on her priority list with a strong emphasis on the need for affordable family homes rather than more student housing. Anne supports initiatives to deal with both the adult and child victims of domestic abuse such as Operation Encompass. Awarded the OBE for political and public service she is always out and about meeting local residents and making sure their voices are heard. She is often seen at local events with “Theia” her Little Owl or walking the Green Circle with “Disraeli” the Springer Spaniel. Anne is candidate for the 2021 Exeter City Council Elections for the St Loyes Ward.

Aric Gilinsky

Association Deputy Chairman (Membership and Finance)

Aric Gilinsky was formerly the St Davids Ward council candidate for the local elections. 

He is also Deputy Chairman (Membership and Finance) for Exeter Conservative Association and a Deputy Chairman of the Riverside Branch.