Cllr Peter Holland

Lord Mayor of Exeter - Therefore serves in a neutral capacity.

A City Councillor for the St Loyes ward, Cllr Peter Holland has lived in Exeter for over 35 years. Peter is married with two sons. He works closely with families and community groups and aims to facilitate a supportive and inspiring environment for local residents. He will continue to work, first and foremost, to represent residents’ interests and focus on the issues that matter to you. As a former Primary School Headteacher, Peter retains his interest in education and is Vice Chairman of Governors at the Federation of Stoke Hill Schools.

Peter regularly seeks opportunities to engage with residents and act on their feedback, and constantly fights hard for his ward to make St Loyes a truly great place in Exeter.


More Community Grants given out in Exeter

City Councillor for Stoke Hill and Pennsylvania, Peter Holland is pleased to report that he has been able to support the installation of Notice Boards at Prince Charles Road Allotments. 

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Yolonda Henson

Deputy Lord Mayor
Exeter City Councillor for St Loyes Ward

Yolonda Henson is a Conservative City Councillor for St Loyes and Deputy Lord Mayor of Exeter. 

She is also a Freeman of the City of Exeter.

Tel: 01392 446956

Committee appointments

Andrew Leadbetter

Group Leader Conservative Party Exeter City Council
Exeter City Council - Councillor for Topsham Ward
Devon County Council - Councillor for Topsham and Wearside Division

Andrew has been the County Councillor for Topsham and St Loyes since 1997 and one of the City Councillors for Topsham. He is Leader of the Conservative Group on Exeter City Council.

Rob Newby

Deputy Group Leader Conservative Party Group
Exeter City Councillor Topsham Ward

Rob lives in the Countess Wear part of the City and is City Councillor for Topsham. A previous Lord Mayor of Exeter from May 2012 until May 2013, Rob is also a former London Fire Brigade firefighter.

David Henson

Exeter City Councillor St Loyes Ward

David has been the City Councillor for St Loyes since 2011.

Keith Sparkes

Exeter City Councillor Topsham Ward

Councillor Keith Sparkes was elected to Exeter City Council in December 2019 as a Councillor for the Topsham Ward. Born in Exeter he attended Ladysmith First School, Ladysmith Middle School, Vincent Thompson High School, and Exeter College before moving away to University.  He returned to Exeter in 2011.