Is this the worse case of littering in our beautiful City of Exeter?

Councillors Percy Prowse and Peter Holland have received multiple complaints about the 'trashing' of Victoria Street in the City.  Clearly the debris is the aftermath of an end of term party in a road made up mainly of Houses of Multiple Occupancy.  Most of the rubbish could have been 'recycled' and presented in the appropriate bin or taken to the bottle bank.   Peter said;

''It is grossly unfair that the good people of Exeter will have to foot the bill to clear the mess which has been exacerbated by seagulls.  Whilst I  have no evidence that the mess was left by students from Exeter University given the number of HMO's in Victoria Street it likely is.  With a proposal for the University to grow hugely in the future it is a concern that some young people continue to cause grief in their wake.  An officer from the University has suggested that it is 'side waste' and that it was left by the City Council Collection Team.  Residents from all communities have a collective responsibility to look after their neighbourhood.''