Swimming over Education Provision.....

Extraordinary Council Meeting Statement from Conservative Group

Swimming over Education Provision.....

Labour Council fails to properly answer questions and says it will have to take Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) away from paying for school provision and put it to the Pool instead!

Cllr Leadbetter said The  Conservative Group asked a large number of questions to attempt to get to the bottom of what's going on and the real situation regarding the Swimming Pool.....as predicted the Labour Group was evasive and did not want to answer our questions. It is clear that they have no Sports Strategy or clear vision for the Pool. 

It is clear that the Pool is going to cost even more than the £32M projected cost (they admitted the quotes were higher) what is outrageous is that Cllr Edwards said that they would take CIL money meant to pay for School provision and divert it to the Pool.
How could a Swimming Pool be more important than education?

It is clear that this project is out of control

Andrew Leadbetter