More Community Grants given out in Exeter

City Councillor for Stoke Hill and Pennsylvania, Peter Holland is pleased to report that he has been able to support the installation of Notice Boards at Prince Charles Road Allotments. 
Peter said: ''Since the local management of allotments began in the Summer of 2014, allotment holders have become more responsible for their sites and I was delighted to be able to use money from the Pennsylvania Ward Grant to support new signage at Prince Charles Road Allotments. 
It was great that the construction of the boards was completed by a local joiner.  The new boards, one at each vehicle entrance to the site, ensure plot holders will now be able to find out what is going on without having to make a specific visit to the trading hut.
As we move into a New Year I would like to encourage as many residents to take up gardening--research has found that gardeners and allotment holders had more energy and were less angry and depressed.  People who have access to gardens, parks or the countryside are more likely to live longer, have lower levels of asthma and reduce the risk of heart disease!''