A message from D&C Police

We reproduce a message from Devon and Cornwall Police in collaboration with Councillor Peter Holland, another step forward in the battle against mindless parking on the pavements of our streets:


Dear Residents

It has come to our attention that there are a minority of drivers parking their vehicles on the footways in this area causing pedestrians to walk in the road and potentially endanger themselves and others.

In 2017 the police will enforce the ‘Unnecessary Obstruction’ law that can be applied to Highways and Footways by means of a fine.

Therefore, please could all vehicle drivers and owners be considerate where they park and not block the footways.

Your co-operation is appreciated.


PCSO Percy GILES 30367

Working in Partnership with Cllr Peter Holland

Exeter City Councillor for Pennsylvania


Contact details:

PERCY percy.giles@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

PETER cllr.peter.holland@exeter.gov.uk



We thank Devon & Cornwall Police for their pro-active approach to the matter and for the valued and fruitful co-operation with local citizens through our Councillor Peter Holland.