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Presenting our list of candidates

Exeter Conservatives are proud to present the team that will run for the next City Council elections in May.

Is this the worse case of littering in our beautiful City of Exeter?

Councillors Percy Prowse and Peter Holland have received multiple complaints about the 'trashing' of Victoria Street in the City.  Clearly the debris is the aftermath of an end of term party in a road made up mainly of Houses of Multiple Occupancy.  Most of the rubbish could have been 'recycled'

Review will consider a new theatre

Exeter City Councillor for Duryard, Percy Prowse and Peter Holland, Exeter City Councillor for Pennsylvania, are delighted that Exeter City Council have finally agreed to scope the possibility of providing an entertainment venue for Exeter.

On the trees in Stoke Hill

‘Update’ for the attention of residents who have inquired about the removal of trees in Stoke Hill.

City Councillor for Pennsylvania Peter Holland has received a number of enquiries from residents about the work going on in Stoke Hill.  


Peter said:

A message from D&C Police

We reproduce a message from Devon and Cornwall Police in collaboration with Councillor Peter Holland, another step forward in the battle against mindless parking on the pavements of our streets:


Dear Residents

Local Councillors meet the Secretary of Transport

Some weeks ago County Councillor, Percy Prowse and City Councillor, Peter Holland, reported that they would be meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling to discuss, amongst many things, pavement parking and this they did.