Anne Close Childrens Area closed due to obscene graffiti

It is with much sadness and disappointment that Cllr Peter Holland had to report a shameful account of graffiti.   Residents with young children using the Play Park in Anne Close discovered an unprecedented amount of obscene graffiti which has appeared on the play apparatus.


Peter Holland, city councillor for Pennsylvania, said: 'It is frustrating and disappointing that this has occurred and I am mortified that it may have been seen by impressionable young children.  The graffiti is tantamount to criminal damage and I have alerted the City Council Street Scene Team so that they may start work on its removal at the earliest possible opportunity. 


At a time when budgets are tight it is a great sadness that valuable resources have to be used to take remedial action of this nature. I also be contacted our PCSO, Percy Giles, so that he may include a visit to the park and hopefully apprehend the culprits'.